Monday, January 2, 2012


You are bored with cookie recipes that you always make and want to find a new sensation in taste and appearance? apparently you have to try this cake.

This cake is from her appearance was different from other cakes, other cakes are usually served with strawberry or chocolate, but this cake is served with green cherries, which in addition to enhance your appearance also adds its own flavor from the addition of this green cherries, this recipe seems inappropriate for you to test and do not forget this cake will taste delicious when served with a warm cup of chocolate milk.

Here I present Angel Cake recipe with green cherries, enjoy it.

anglecake1Ingredients :

1. 10 egg white grains
2. 150 grams powdered sugar
3. 150 grams flour
4. 50 grams melted butter
5. 6 carrots, take the water (do not add water)
6. 2 lemons
7. 50 grams lemon taken peel, grated
8. 50 grams raisins
9. 50 grams of red cherries cut cherries for raisins
10. 50 grams of cut green cherry cherries for the raisins

Topping :

1. 1 egg white grains
2. Sugar 150 grams flour

angelcake2Directions :

1. Beat the egg whites until fluffy. Add sugar little by little (while continuing to be shaken) until stiff.
2. Add the flour. Stir until evenly distributed. Enter the melted butter mixed with carrot water. Stir until evenly distributed.
3. Enter: orange peel, raisins and cherries mix that has been sprinkled with flour. Stir until evenly distributed.
4. Pour in mold diameter 20 cm with the hole in the middle. Fuel that has been heated in the oven first. Once cooked, let cool.
5. Beat egg whites with sugar added flour little by little. Beat until stiff. Topping Pour over cake.

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