Thursday, January 12, 2012


Many people who have hobby to collect an item or anything else for the collection. And probably almost no one who does not have at least a small-time obsession with collecting things that is considered strange. Let me share with you to tell what my hobby is collecting: a spoon. Yes, you can laugh with my hobby after reading a story that I wrote this. Many people may wonder why, of many objects that might be able to collect is why I prefer to collect spoons, not the other, such as stamps, paintings or other objects are more valuable.
spoon11Good question, why a spoon?. My answer begins fifteen years ago when I took a job as a writer for a magazine and I always go to look for news sources. At one time I had the opportunity to travel to all the amazing places throughout the United States and around the world. When I started my journey, my friends and family started asking me, what would I bring to them later if I come back from every location that I visited.

At first I was not ready when every move I have to bring souvenirs for friends and family, but then I thought, what gift can I save from each of my visit somewhere in this country or across countries can I save and I can also give to friends and family. In fact, the idea never crossed my mind, at that time I was doing my first trip across this country and I began to think of ideas in my head, what can I bring back from all foreign places and exotic that I visit , or even the next state. It was on one morning, I was in a coffee shop, and instantly there is hit me with a "spoon".

Then came the idea, I do not know where that thought came from, in fact, the idea grew in my head be like a very strong impression and I can not forget. I have to get a spoon for myself and for others. I think that most people will appreciate the spoon from different places. Not just because they are unique souvenirs but also because the spoon is an object that all ordinary people use it.

spoon12You may be surprised to know how many people in my life who have enjoyed a spoon that I have ever given them. Many of them commented on my idea and they say that the idea to collect the spoon is an excellent idea. I myself put this spoon collection in almost every room of my house, especially in my dining room wall covered with an antique spoon collection. I was putting my spoon on the screen since I started collecting it. I now have almost seventy scoop from our country and from around the world. There are several collections of the more unique than others, but I like them all.

So my conclusion is: If you travel frequently, then collect something that you find interesting, take a little something special from the place you go. Choose a spoon (like me) or something else entirely that you believe is interesting, but just do it. Because life is very precious to you miss.

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