Thursday, February 16, 2012



Fresh fizzy drinks can you serve as the family gathered together.

Foskoo I Recipes

250 ml boiling water
1 tablespoon coffee powder
2 tablespoons cornstarch, dissolved in 1 tablespoon water

4 tablespoons cocoa powder, dissolved in 3 tablespoons water
150 grams of granulated sugar
200 ml of plain soda water
100 grams of ice cubes

Foskoo I kitchensuperfoodProcessing Method:
1. Brewed coffee with boiling water. Let stand 5 minutes.
2. Add the cornstarch solution, a solution of powdered cocoa, and sugar. Boil, stirring over low heat until boiling.
3. Lift then chill.
4. Add soda water and ice cubes.

For 2 cups

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