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Because our world is full of more plastic waste, does not use pesticides, herbicides and tea, organic tea, you can only buy the safest, or even could be the result of tea lovers for very tasty. Let's look at the organic tea, and how it was for the consumer.
Organic tea, "green" itself begins to be taken into account with the ground. Quality of the soil, or products such as tea, wild plants in the harvest season, and when we eat meat with a lot of eating and drinking to do.
Tea plant can live more than 100 years, and removes many of the possible outbreak of deep cultivation, and soil through. Bush tea, nutrition, plants, and added directly to the organic tea, should be these foods is a natural product. Tea, traditional agriculture, and chemical fertilizers and a certain amount of chemicals sprayed on the harvest tea plant. Excessive tillage leaves the soil vulnerable to erosion and the leaves on the fire can not destroy the integrity of the soil.

And added nutrients to the branches of organic tea in the soil and compost produced in the control, fertilizer and plants. A useful fertilizer for the soil microbes to break organic tea factory. Organic tea gardens have been planted some plants and the system of the floor to the constant contact between the supply of permaculture plants, tea, and invited people to a particular application. Some of this practice, it renews the soil by adding nitrogen, and plants that are used in the madness.

Some agricultural practices vital tea garden in the entire region through a holistic approach is to be the country that feed the self. Worked land in accordance with local conditions, and dandelion, yarrow, chamomile, and prepare the soil carefully between the use of these facilities. Without the addition of chemicals to keep the soil healthy and nutritious organic.

BENEFITS  A CUP OF ORGANIC TEA FOR BEAUTY I KITCHENSUPEROODEnvironmentally characterized as a tea made with "certified 100% organic." This also applies to loose tea leaves and tea bags. Certified organic tea, grown and handled and processed, stored and packaged in accordance with the rules in force in the national organic program. These types of foods that are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Certificate of organic tea is grown on farms each year, and verified by the CA. And also examined the activists of the tea leaves and tea processors, standards and certification bodies. Only "organic" is not 100% know some organic products, organic food, but must be at least 95%.

Manufacturers and producers of organic tea, organic tea is checked every year for the administration of the Ministry of organic agriculture is a national certificate which States must meet the criteria. Certificate is required, and features for each type of tea is sold to 100% organic. Measures to improve the mixing is machine washable and prevention must be taken to prevent the mixing of organic and inorganic.

Buy 100% organic tea traders do not drink tea, mixed with pesticides or other chemicals, she says. No organic tea, and not everyone is healthy to drink containing the remains of chemicals and pesticides are routinely observed with sprayed leaves.

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