Thursday, March 1, 2012

Salmon and Cheese Roll

Salmon and Cheese Roll


Salmon and Cheese Roll I recipes70 grams of sushi rice
5 pcs nori
20 g of crab stick
Japanese cucumber 25 gr
10 g of fresh salmon
10 ml mayonnaise
2 pcs of cheese slice
Directions :

1. Flatten the rice on the nori to roll it flat on the bamboo that has been coated with plastic wrap.
2. Turn the nori, to the position of nori on top.
3. For the filling: put the mayonnaise, cucumber, crab stick, and fresh salmon.
4. Roll up, do not exist apart.
5. Put the cheese that has been halved over the rice, press the bamboo roll.
6. Spray fuel on the fire until the cheese turns a brownish color.
7. Cut into 6-8 sections and serve with wasabi, and shoyu as a complement.

Salmon and Cheese Roll I Recipes

For 2 people

Tips: Shoyu is soy sauce used to eat sushi. While the pasta green wasabi to complement sushi, spicy taste. Combine shoyu with a bit of wasabi when eating sushi to make it more palatable.