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1001 Cooking with Wine

1001 Cooking with Wine

1001 Cooking with Wine I KitchensuperfoodCOOKING with wine will probably be an unusual experience when you are 'fighting' in the kitchen. Western culinary chefs are now beginning to explore the wine in their dining menu.
To get started, keep things simple and follow the basic cooking skills you already understand. Like many other things, the knowledge base is a key and continuous training will make it perfect.

What type of wine that is usually used?

Important to note that cooking with wine, then use wine that you open and drink. Cuisine that you were going to take in wine flavor, so no need to use a special bottle of wine with a long or a collection that usually you just go to celebrate a moment.

Maybe you've seen cooking wine, wine is mentioned specifically for cooking, but you do not need to use it exclusively. In general, cooking wine and salt are not made to be drunk. If you cook with wine quality and use the right spices, you will not need extra salt in the wine.

Note also, if you make a light colored dish, then use white wine, and vice versa if you make the dish a dark, then select the red wine.

Three ways to cook

In general, there are three ways to cook with wine, which is as an ingredient for flavoring, as a liquid for cooking, and as a way to add flavor to the finished dish when cooked.

1. Cooking fish with wine to enhance flavor, not eliminate it. The trick, add water so as not to damage the nutritional value of fish when cooked. Wine is also appropriate for processed fish grilled to apply on your entire body.

2. With this level of acidity, nice wine for the marinade ingredients for making meat (fish, poultry) become soft quickly.

3. For the sauce, use a little wine and then add to other ingredients. This will help thicken the sauce. Add wine in the process of making the sauce, not the end, to strengthen it.

Formula wine with cuisine

1001 Cooking with Wine I KitchensuperfoodYou can add the wine at the beginning of cooking process, rather than at the end to taste wine does not dominate and eventually cover the taste of cuisine. Most of the alcohol in the wine used for cooking material is basically has evaporated, so that left only the aroma.

The longer you let the wine is exposed to heat (low or medium temperatures), then the dish more flavor is lost.

To obtain maximum results, follow the advice the use of the wine in the recipe. For example, you simply pour the soup to two tablespoons per cup of soup, enough to sauce one tablespoon, when to boil the meat just 1/4 cup of wine for a pound of meat, and so on.

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