Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Way of Cooking Pasta

One Way of Cooking Pasta

One Way of Cooking Pasta I KitchensuperfoodFor some people, spelled pasta dishes are the most easily cooked. But you realize, you cook it the wrong way. Want to know where you went wrong?
Adding oil to pasta not stick. This is actually the wrong way.
Oil is able to prevent the water from the foam that comes out, but will not prevent the pasta sticking to each other. To keep the pasta from sticking to each other, put the pasta when the water is really boiling, stirring occasionally quickly. Then after being cooked, immediately mixed with pasta sauce.

Rinsing the pasta after being cooked. Once the pasta is cooked, usually people then rinse with cold water so as not mushy (mushy or watery). However, it also was not quite right. Rinse pasta with water will make it a weird and watery due to the rinse water.

By rinsing the pasta in water, the starch in the pasta will be lost. Consequently pasta sauce added to it will not sink in and stick to the strands of pasta.

Do not add salt in cooking water. When cooking pasta, add salt it should be done. Pasta be tasteless if cooked without added salt. Add at least 1 tablespoon of salt in 0.5 kg of pasta.

Sources: Real Simple

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