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So Practical Key For Italian Cuisine

So Practical Key For Italian Cuisine

So Practical Key For Italian Cuisine I KitchensuperfoodWheat flour is a staple that is always present in Italian cuisine. Pasta, fettucini, soups, lasagna, all using ingredients of flour. However, there is an Italian dough that can be used for a wide range of cuisine, the tagliatelle. "In contrast to the pasta and spaghetti dough using only water, tagliatelle using wheat flour to stir the eggs," said Chef Renato Bolsieri.
According to Chef Renato, the dose ratio for flour and eggs are 13 eggs for every one kilo of wheat flour. Make tagliatelle is not difficult, but it takes a long time. The material also consists of only flour, eggs, and water.

To make the dough tagliatelle, it requires at least an hour. However, the advantage of making tagliatelle is can be used to cook various dishes. Moreover, the dry texture that can be stored for long periods.

To make tagliatelle, it takes a large enough base to roll up the dough. Also necessary to roll the dough rolling pan. To make the dough primer, quite a stir by hand. If ready-made tagliatelle, live sliced according to taste and cuisine that will be made. How do I make it? Chef Renato share the recipe.

Ingredients :

1 kilogram of wheat flour
13 eggs

Tool :

Rolling pan
Fabric width

Directions :

Mix the flour and egg until evenly distributed. Always use bare hands to knead the dough. Stir the dough until it feels tough. If it is too hard, can add a little water.
Dough forms a ball and cover with plastic. Let stand at least 30 minutes.
Take the dough That has been silenced and put on a pedestal width. flatten dough like making eggs martabak skin.

Trimmed again using a rolling pan until the batter is very thin. Live approximately 2-3 millimeters in thickness. Make sure the pan when diluting with rolling the dough is not sticky. To prevent sticking, always sprinkle dry flour. Make sure the dough is always shaped and trimmed by rolling the dough into the pan from the middle of the outside of the dough.
If it is wide and thin, put the dough on a cloth and let stand until quite dry. At least it took 20 minutes to dry the dough.
If dough is dry, roll the dough and slice the dough starts to taste.

Types of pieces:

So Practical Key For Italian Cuisine I KitchensuperfoodVery small pieces of the box is usually used to make a clear soup is usually consumed in the hospital.
1x1 cm pieces of the box as well to make soup.
For pieces like flat noodles, usually cut to taste the food. For finely cut, usually preferred by people who eat little. To cut a bit wider for public consumption. As for the pieces of a width of more than one inch, is usually preferred by people who eat a lot.
Cutting can also square-shaped with a size 10x10 cm. Such pieces are used to make lasagna. In Italy, lasagna is generally made up of seven layers.
Or, create a rectangular piece with a size of 5x10 cm. Usually filled with meat or cheese and then folded and glued together to resemble dumplings. Dishes are made with this piece is rafiolli.

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