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3 Ways to Keep the Holiday Eating

3 Ways to Keep the Holiday Eating

3 Ways to Keep the Holiday Eating I kitchensuperfoodCelebration or party is usually very closely with the food. So no wonder that in every instance of any celebration of Christmas and New Year will be available a lot of tempting foods. Besides food, the big celebration is also synonymous with holidays. Even so, there's no reason for me-too 'off' diet and maintain your healthy diet.
Do not let the holidays and other celebrations is "dictating" your appetite. Here are some tips to keep your healthy eating during the holidays.

1. Healthy food available at all times.

When attending a holiday party with family, or celebrate a family gathering, it could not hurt to bring their own variety of healthy foods to eat together. Do not have to veggies or fruit, but also some healthy foods such as grilled vegetables, low fat cheese. If not eaten with the family, then eat a little healthier foods before eating other foods. The point is to fill your stomach with healthy food first, then with other foods. Or if not possible to bring the food, eat healthy snacks such as soup before you go to a party.

It is intended that your stomach is a little full so you do not eat too much. As well as help to control yourself to not eat too much. At least choose a maximum of 2-3 other foods to keep your appetite. Do not forget that the drink has calories, too. And the most powerful way to control appetite is not to stand too long standing dining table.

2. Avoid sweets and cakes gift.

Often the new year celebration was marred by a gift exchange event. Not infrequently, some gifts that contains a box of candy, cakes, biscuits or even eat in a restaurant coupons. If possible, it should be prior to exchange gifts, first described healthy eating program you are running. If the way is not possible, then you should not hesitate to share them with others so you do not eat too much. To reduce the calories from these foods, just do light body work such as cleaning equipment helps to burn calories you eat.

3. Celebrate with other activities.

Although identical holiday party with food, but not always celebrated the holidays and celebrations should be a big meal or a meal in a restaurant. Fill your holidays with this in other ways such as joint exercise, cycling, recreation, holidays and other out of town. Because in essence this is a celebration or holiday with family togetherness. Thus, holidays and anniversaries can be celebrated with more healthy.

Sources: Divine Caroline


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