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8 Tips Benefits of Lime

8 Tips Benefits of Lime

8 Tips Benefits of Lime I KitchensuperfoodLime can make the dish taste more fresh and not feel sick. After you finish using it, do not immediately remove excess lime. Because, lemon juice that has many benefits, among others, to clean the house, treat symptoms of flu, even a part of facial treatment sessions. Do not believe it? Try just one of the following:
1. Eliminates fishy odor.

You remember when you just eat pecel catfish? Well, the smell of paste will definitely continue to "haunt" you until the next day. Because the soap hand washing alone can not defeat the strong aroma of shrimp paste. If you have this, use a squeeze of lemon juice to remove the fishy smell or odor terasinya.

2. Relieves symptoms of flu.

If your sore throat, cough or you are in an early stage, drinking lemon juice mixed with honey and water to relieve the pain. If you cough up phlegm, a mixture of soy sauce and lime juice is still powerful to remove phlegm.

3. Clean cutting boards.

Add lemon or lime wedge to use to clean a cutting board. In addition, to make it more sterile and remove the fishy smell.

4. Disguising the black spot.

If your skin appear darker pigment at some point, gently rub the blackened with lemon juice every day until the color is younger.

5. Whiten clothes.

Household bleach products are widely available on the market. But the lime also have the power of bleach that is not less great. Add a quarter cup of lemon juice on white clothes that you put into the washing machine.

6. Brighten your nails.

So that your nails do not look yellowish, dye and soak your fingernails into the mix water and lime juice to taste nail colors become brighter.

7. Refreshing household appliances.

8 Tips Benefits of Lime I KitchensuperfoodFor example, put a lime wedge into the microwave to eliminate a wide range of food aroma and refreshing scent. Or add a little lime juice into a vacuum bag if the equipment is to be a bit dirty and smelly.

8. As a disinfectant material for wounds.

Orange juice was able to stop the bleeding and clean the incision or incision due to exposure to the blade.

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