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Secrets To More Tuberose Cooked Meat

Secrets To More Tuberose Cooked Meat

Secrets To More Tuberose Cooked Meat I KitchensuperfoodWant to try making meatballs, nuggets or sausage itself? Some of the following may be able to add to your knowledge, so that the processed meat that is made even more leverage.
Fresh Meat

Polar make meatballs or nuggets with fresh meat (prerigor). To get a good dough, let stand for 30 minutes after the meat and ground spices. After that, start in the insulation process. This is done so that the maximum binding materials bind the meat and filler material (filler) so that the dough is not sticky when printed. Waiting times for 30 minutes also helps the dough becomes more elastic.

Use tapioca starch

Filler (filler), or materials other than meat, wheat flour, corn flour and rice flour, tapioca flour, the best are the tapioca flour. For the meatballs, these fillers should not be more than 50 percent of the amount. The smaller the quantity of filler material is mixed with meat, the flavor of processed meat will taste more delicious. While for example the binder can be either skim milk powder, soy protein isolates, and soy flour.

Store in refrigerator

To make nuggets, after the dough is rolled over, keep in the refrigerator. As with making meatballs, this is done so that the dough becomes more perfect bound. Storage in the refrigerator can be done within half an hour.

Pay attention to the process of coating

The coating process when making a nugget serve to protect the nutrients from direct contact with oil during frying. It also reduces cooking shrinkage, prevents loss of juiceness or tenderness during processing, and improve the nutritional value.

Secrets To More Tuberose Cooked Meat I KitchensuperfoodInitial frying

When creating a nugget, do not forget to start frying. It serves to attach the coating material and avoid the most mature product.


The use of garlic will tend to make food durable, because the garlic as an anti-microbial function. That way, your food production is not easy to smell. If placed in a refrigerator, freezer or both below the freezer, foods will hold for two weeks.


Get used to cook that hygienic process by first washing the tools that are used when cooking. This tool was washing was done with hot water so that the germs that stick to die, and the resulting food can last longer.

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