Saturday, May 12, 2012

Snacks for Toddlers Giving Tips

Snacks for Toddlers Giving Tips

Snacks for Toddlers Giving Tips I KitchensuperfoodMake children easy to eat, it is not easy. Have to bother to cook their own meals for the toddler, he was flatly rejected. Do not give up first, consider the following tips:
- Make your own snacks to be kept clean.

- Not given to excess because it can interfere with the little appetite for a main meal. Simply give it two times a day in between meals with portions that are appropriate for your child.
- Vary the type of distraction that is not boring.
- Vary the complete nutritious snacks with fresh fruits.
- Let your child know the taste and texture of foods.
- For the first time the food a try, should provide for three consecutive days. This way to know if there is too much like an allergic reaction.
- Stop feeding if the allergic symptoms.
- Stay with your child while eating. Do not rush to always clean your hands and a dirty mouth.
- Let your child explore his own.
- Sit your baby in an upright position so as not easy to choke. If you can, use a special chair to eat.
- Do not seat your child in the stroller or baby walker while eating.

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