Saturday, June 30, 2012

3 Guide to Choosing Olive Oil

3 Guide to Choosing Olive Oil

3 Guide to Choosing Olive Oil I HealthyDifferent brands and packaging of olive oil in terms often confuse. There is a clear yellow and greenish yellow. The color of the bottle were varied, some nodes while others are dark. Actually, what to consider when buying olive oil?
Consider the guidance of Nicholas Coleman, caretaker of olive oil from the well-known restaurants in New York Eataly, the following:

1. Packaged in dark glass bottles.
Type of packaging it also determines the quality of olive oil. Avoid buying olive oil stored in plastic bottles. Bottle is easily penetrated by light and heat, which will ruin the taste and the molecular makeup of olive oil.

2. Equipped labeled "extra virgin".
This means that olive oil was not through a lot of processing, so khasitnya still awake. Different from those labeled "olive oil" or "pure olive oil". The second label indicates a longer processing.

3. No need to bother with a yellow or green.
The color of olive oil can vary from yellow to greenish. This difference depends on the type of olives are processed, as well as the stage tortion. Thus, olive green or yellow, as well.

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