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5 Things It Can Keep You From Illness

5 Things It Can Keep You From Illness

Keep You From Illness I healthyHealth is the most valuable asset which almost every man wants. There is a saying, 'Healthy is expensive', so if there is anyway no one thought that says 'useless to have a lot of money if sickly'.
To stay healthy and free of disease, scientists revealed a number of findings that can be used as tips and guidance in daily life. Five simple tip is the result of several research studies published in the June 2012 issue of the American Journal of Medicine:
1. Regularly eat fish

Fish is the best source of protein and healthy fats. Feeding habits of fish are also recommended as one of the easiest ways of reducing the risk of colorectal cancer, especially cancer, which became the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the Western world.

According to research by experts from the Xijing Hospital of Digestive Diseases, Xian, China, the consumption of fish - especially the fresh fish - can significantly reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. After watching as many as 41 studies on fish consumption, published between the years 1990 to 2011 and trace the cancer diagnosis, the researchers concluded that fresh fish regularly reduced the risk of colorectal cancer by 12 percent. The protective effect of fish consumption is more pronounced for rectal cancer is up 21 percent, instead of colon cancers are only about 4 percent.

The experts emphasized that the temperature during the cooking of fish can also affect the risk of colorectal cancer. In fact, some studies indicate, mostly eating fish baked, grilled or fried at high temperatures may increase cancer risk precisely.

2. Stop smoking with hypnosis

Quitting smoking is one of the most effective way in reducing the risk of cancer dramatically. There are many programs that can help smokers to stop their bad habits. A study in Montreal Canada found that smokers who undergo hypnotherapy has 4.55 times more likely to quit smoking. While those who undergo acupuncture is to have 3.53 times more likely to leave the cigarettes.

3. Ambulatory dental health

According to research by experts from the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan, the habit of cleaning the teeth regularly may help lower the risk of heart disease and blood vessel (cardiovascular). For this study, the scientists examined 10 887 volunteers who regularly maintain the cleanliness of the teeth, compared with 10 989 participants who did not care for their teeth clean.
After a seven-year monitoring period, the scientists found that those who routinely brush their teeth manageable units have a lower risk of heart attack, stroke and total cardiovascular events. Experts believe that poor dental health will add to the risk of inflammation (inflammation) on the body.

4. Lose weight with your doctor guide

Researchers from North Carolina suggest everyone to ask for help doctors to undergo a weight loss program rather than having to go to a private slimming center or primary care clinic, because the level of effectiveness is not much different from the same alias. In a research note, after 12 weeks of weight loss assistance program, participants' average body weight decreased by 11 percent.

5. Low-dose Aspirin

A study from Canada showed that in addition to preventing heart disease, low-dose aspirin may also reduce non-vascular deaths, including deaths from cancer. Study of 23 research by Edward J. Mills, PhD, MSc, from the University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the evidence indicates that low-dose aspirin may provide a preventive effect against cancer and demonstrated a significant therapeutic effect after monitoring for a maximum of four years.

Sources: AFP

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