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Benefits of Beer for Skin Beauty

Benefits of Beer for Skin Beauty

Benefits of Beer for Skin Beauty I HealthyBeer is more popular among men, which often cause the condition of big beer belly. That condition caused by the frequent men consume beer, so that they become distended abdomen. For some reason, only a few women who liked to drink beer. In fact, if you knew the benefits of this beer for beauty, you'll instantly be trying to get used to drinking this beverage.
This is because, barley-cereal crops are the raw material of beer-it is rich in vitamin B1 and B3, as well as selenium, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and copper, which properties are to maintain healthy skin. Browns Hotel is located in London even has a skin treatment that combines beer and barley. There are three types of treatments they offer, ie for the pedicure, body wrap and facial.

In the body wrap treatment, you will be exfoliator scrub with ingredients containing Epsom salt, hops flowers, and sesame seed oil, and the body wrapped in a warm mixture of barley. This herb radiates a sweet aroma and soothing. You can then wash the body with soap gel containing barley, to then undergo a full body massage using a moisturizing shea butter-again-containing barley.

Various preparations of barley was also still provide benefits to the skin. Barley water, for example, be able to refresh the skin, cleanse, and soften it. Try 3 tablespoons boiled barley with three cups of water for one hour. Strain and chill. Use it to wash my face, then wash your face again. This method will be useful for normal skin. Drinking barley water is also able to nourish the skin. Give the honey and orange juice to give a sweet taste.

Barley seed extract is rich in linoleic acid and phytosterol plant, which serves to soften and moisturize the skin, as well as supporting the rejuvenation of skin and cell membranes. This extract is good for treating dry and itchy skin.

In addition to good skin, barley also provide other health benefits. Of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, reduces cholesterol, lowers the risk of some cancers, against asthma in children, as well as weight control thanks to the high fiber content.

Source: The Daily Mail

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