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Do not Discard Seeds Papaya

Do not Discard Seeds Papaya

Do not Discard Seeds Papaya I KitchensuperfoodPapaya (Carica papaya L.) actually comes from Mexico. Fortunately for us who live in tropical countries. Papaya can grow fast and easily found everywhere. Fruit, sap, seeds, and leaves contain papain, an enzyme that helps us digest protein. Papain extract was used as a digestive enzyme supplement and as an ingredient in some types of chewing gum. This enzyme is more commonly found in raw papaya.
As a snack, fruit can be enjoyed in many ways. Papaya fruit pulp can be pan-fried or used as a salad. The flesh is eaten fresh or cooked fruit as a fruit cocktail. Leaves can be eaten as fresh vegetables (after withered with hot water), or to wrap kit. Leaves and flowers can also be pan-fried. Papaya leaves are also often used to wrap the meat in order to quickly soft.

Papaya seeds, unexpectedly, is also beneficial, because it do not throw it away. Black beans with the cornea has an essential nutrient by the following properties:

- Antibacterial, effective against the bacteria E. coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus infections.

- Maintain healthy kidneys. Papaya seed extract can protect the kidneys from toxins that trigger the problem of kidney failure.

- Kill parasites in the digestive tract. Have found evidence that papaya seeds are able to eradicate the parasite in pencernaa. In a study of Nigerian children who suffer from parasites in the digestive tract, 76.6 percent declared free of parasites after seven days of eating papaya seeds.

Do not Discard Seeds Papaya I Kitchensuperfood- Cleanse the liver from toxins. In Chinese medicine, one teaspoon of seeds of papaya can help detoxify the liver (liver). Therefore, papaya seeds are often recommended naturopathic doctors for the treatment of liver cirrhosis (hardening of the liver).

To enjoy the papaya seeds, eat seeds or dried immediately and then mashed. Or, mix 1/4 cup papaya seeds with a tablespoon of honey.

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