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Recognize the Causes of Bad Breath in Children

Recognize the Causes of Bad Breath in Children

Recognize the Causes of Bad Breath in Children I KitchensuperfoodAs with adults, all food and beverage intake that goes into your baby's mouth can also cause bad breath. Sometimes it is temporary and does not interfere. However, bad breath can also be a sign of health problems experienced by children.
Consider the following possible causes of bad breath:

- Chronic sinus infections.

Prolonged sinus infection is a major cause of mouth odor is not realized. Fluid that collects in the sinuses and airways to flow back into the esophagus and back of the tongue. As a result, mucus can become food for the inhabitants of oral bacteria. Remnants of bacterial metabolism would produce gas that smells.

Sign of a chronic sinus infection include cough and colds are frequent, greenish nasal mucus, as well as the child looked tired.

- Enlarged tonsils

When enlarged tonsils or tonsils of children, the food and bacteria can hide in the tonsils and cause bad breath all day.

- Impaired tooth

Bad breath is often caused by food debris that was in between the teeth. Make sure your child to brush his teeth regularly.

- Foreign body in nose

Other causes include foreign bodies, such as pieces of food, nuts, or small toys, children caught in the nose.

- Dry mouth

If the condition of dry mouth, the production of saliva, which is a natural cleanser reduced the mouth part. As a result, the more bacteria proliferate and produce odor. Avoid this by to get children to drink water.

Recognize the Causes of Bad Breath in Children I Kitchensuperfood- Tongue-smelling

Bacteria and food scraps are sometimes stuck in the back of the tongue. Overcome this by teaching children to clean the tongue when you brush.

- Gastrointestinal disorders

Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract can also be a trigger bad breath. When you find your baby's mouth slightly sour smell, check with your doctor the possibility of your child suffer from indigestion. Moreover, if the children often feel nausea, difficulty sleeping soundly, and stomach bloating after meals.

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