Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tip Selecting Fresh Fish

Tip Selecting Fresh Fish

Tip Selecting Fresh Fish I KitchensuperfoodThe most appropriate measures to prevent histamine poisoning is by selecting and eating fish is still fresh.

Along the fish we eat are still in a state of fresh and good quality, guaranteed histamine poisoning will not occur. Therefore, the fish dishes do not worry fans to continue the habit of eating fish.
- Simply put, the observation of the characteristics of fresh fish can be done using the senses of sight, smell, and touch.

- Fresh fish has a chewy meat, not soft, rigid bodies, as well as neat and tight scales.

- Red gills, clear eyes shining and glaring (not sink).

- When the meat is pressed with a finger leaves no mark. In fish that had been frozen and then allowed to melt (thawing), the former pressure will be evident.

- The outside of the fresh fish mucus have little or no mucus at all, it smells fresh and distinctive.

- Fresh fish will sink when put in water, while that has started to rot will float.

- High-quality fresh fish has a distinctive odor and is not sharp, shiny skin, if the meat is cut, it looks fresh and not dry.


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