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Some Foods To Prevent Breast Cancer

Some Foods To Prevent Breast Cancer

Some Foods To Prevent Breast Cancer / HealthyBreast cancer including the most feared diseases of women. In fact, to reduce the risk, we simply change our lifestyle. Choosing the type of food and drinks, and diligent exercise are paramount. Below is advice from Brierley Wright, MS, RD, guest editor who is also master's degree in Nutrition Communication from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University, about the diet that we follow.
1. Avoid Adding Weight
Arguably, this is one of the most important ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer. It is delivered in an article in the journal Cancer. Thus, you have to balance a healthy diet with adequate exercise. A study involving more than 100,000 women reported that those who do regular exercise lowers the risk of breast cancer than did not. Exercise helps reduce levels of hormones that cause breast cancer. Immediately you make the sport as a priority.

2. Fatty Foods in Moderation

Women's Intervention Nutrition Study (WINS), which conducted research on post-menopausal women who are facing early-stage breast cancer, found that women who undergo low-fat diet had significantly reduced risk of cancer coming back. On average they also lost about 2.1 kg after undergoing the first year of the experiment, whereas women who are in other groups actually gain weight 226 gr. Weight gain associated with breast cancer recurrence and a lower defense rate, so the lack of weight gain due to a low-fat diet would be a major advantage.

3. Eat Soy
In countries such as China and Japan, where soy foods commonly consumed, the rate of breast cancer patients are among the lowest in the world. An analysis of 18 studies found that eating soy, like tofu and soy beans, slightly reducing the risk of breast cancer. But Colonel Laurence, MD, PhD, program director of epidemiology at the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, do not recommend soy intake through supplements. High doses of phytoestrogens found in supplements can act like estrogen in the body, causing breast cells to change and could potentially cause cancer. People who are recovering from breast cancer, and women at risk for this disease are advised to avoid soy supplements.

4. Vegetables and Fruit
Research to establish whether fruits and vegetables can fight breast cancer have been disappointing, but a diet rich in fruits and vegetables tend to be low in calories, so the opinion of Colonel. "This diet can help you maintain a healthy weight." Cheryl Rock, PhD, RD, who coordinated the Women's Healthy Eating and Living Study (WHEL) at the University of California, San Diego, found that women who consumed at least five servings of vegetables and fruits fruits every day (and the 30-minute brisk walk every day) lowers the risk of dying from breast cancer by half. "If a woman is not able to lose weight, but eating enough vegetables and fruits and exercise, still can reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence , "he said.

5. Drink Alcohol in Moderation
Drink alcohol in moderation may have been healthy for the heart, however, "Drinking (alcohol) once a day can increase breast cancer risk," said the Colonel. Other facts show, heart disease kills more women than breast cancer. Consider your decision to drinking alcohol if you have other risk factors of breast cancer. Limit one drink a day, more than that would not be heart health benefits. even if you have a family history of breast cancer, you should avoid alcohol altogether.

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