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The Types of Food that Can Accelerate the Aging

The Types of Food that Can Accelerate the Aging

The Types of Food that Can Accelerate the Aging I HealthyFoods that we consume on a daily basis it can be a source of problems for the body. So do not overdo it if there is a phrase that says ' You Are What You Eat '. Believe it or not, the food that we consume apparently can accelerate the aging process.
The following is a list of 8 may food can make you look older, like quoted beliefnet:

1. Sugar

When talk of sugar, so the problem is that the food is almost in all foods, including soft drinks and tomato sauce. Sugar in the blood can the carbon with proteins, such as those found in skin collagen and makes your skin was normal becomes more fragile. Eating too much sugar can make overweight and trigger inflammation, which makes joint pains. Konsumi excess sugar can also give you a headache that made evil line on the forehead look more prominent.

2. Processed Foods

Processed foods such as sausages or bacon can increase free radicals in the body. A free radical is essentially unstable oxygen molecules that are trying to stabilize him with United to other molecules are stable and healthy. The problem is these free radicals will destroy healthy molecules so that the trigger disease.

3. Salt

Eating a little amount of salt is not harmful to health, even necessary. We actually we need not fear lack of Linguae, rather it should narrow it down. Salt can cause fluid retention (thick ankles, fingers swollen), contributes to kidney disease and high blood pressure, and can interfere with the metabolism of bone. All this will only make you look does not fit and less vibrant.

4. Coffee

You should know that coffee can contribute in accelerating the aging of face faster prematurely. Coffee will make your skin dehydration and water shortage so it looks dry and bring up the line should be. Drink at most one or two cups of coffee a day and make sure you compensate by drinking eight glasses of water for every cup of coffee you drink.

5. Trans Fat

Trans fats are formed as a result of the process of hydrogenation i.e. mixing hydrogen in vegetable oil. In plain language, that means changing the liquid oil into a solid fat. This process is indeed making food feels more savory. If you see the word "terhidrogenasi" on food labels, think twice before buying it. Terhidrogenasi oil and trans fats produced many radicals.

6. Alcohol

Alcohol consumption may not significantly accelerate aging. But the effect of alcohol makes you prone to dehydration. Excess alcohol intake causes body cells not only vulnerable suffered premature aging, but can also increase the risk of getting cancer.

7. Energy Drinks

Some products contain so much energy drink caffeine. Too much caffeine can not only make you more easily agitated but can also interfere with normal sleep time. Furthermore, caffeine has been associated with changes in breast fibrokistik. Fibrosis is the formation of scar tissue, whereas cyst is a SAC filled with fluid. Change fibrokistik can cause breast swelling and pain.

8. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the body's main energy source. Each 1 gram of carbohydrates consumed energy amounted to 4 calories. Excessive carbohydrates are converted into fat and stored.

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