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5 Types of Food in the Stomach Fat Destroyer

5 Types of Food in the Stomach Fat Destroyer

5 Types of Food in the Stomach Fat Destroyer I HealthyOne of the most difficult body parts to slimming is the stomach. When dieting, often already shrinking agency but still visible protruding belly. To avoid a pot belly, in fact you do not have to avoid certain foods. You just have to avoid eating in excess. In addition, you can consume several types of certain foods to help reduce fat on stomach.
"In addition to exercise, you can start by adding five in fine dining You the food a couple of times per week," says Erin Palinski, RD, nutritionist and author of the book the Belly Diet for Dummies.

1. Blueberry
A study from the University of Michigan found that blueberry consumption can shrink the protruding belly. This study examines that blueberry consumption consistently for three months would result in a decrease in belly fat, which is quite significant. In addition, the consumption of blueberries was able to lower triglyceride levels, and increases the insulin in the blood. Both these hormones influence to fight heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

2. Pomelo

According to a new study, adults who are having trouble losing weight it is advisable consume grapefruit half fruit or 118 ml orange juice original before three meals. As a result, they will experience significant weight loss. This will also decrease the size of the circumference waistband feels. This is caused due to high moisture content of orange juice can help you feel more satisfied and full, so could help reduce their portion of other foods. In addition, the pomelo is also has diuretic properties that help you let go of unneeded water body.

3. Walnut

Crab is one of the sources of omega-3 fatty acids are most excellent. These fatty acids are not only contains a wide array of nutrients, but also regulate a person's stress hormones. When stress hormones such as cortisol increases, your body will store fat more, particularly in the stomach. Running a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent high levels of cortisol and other stress hormones in the body, so you won't save a lot of fat in the abdomen.

4. Low-Fat Yogurt

Drinking lots of milk has been proven effective in reducing body fat. Deposits of calcium in milk serves to regulate fat storage position and breaking the fat into a body needs. Dairy products also contain the amino acid arginine, which have been shown to help increase weight in fat and increase muscle mass. To help reduce the pot belly, preferably low fat milk consumption.

If nobody wants to consume low fat milk, other alternatives are eating yogurt. Yogurt also is the best option to avoid pot belly as it is a high source of protein. Proteins also make you full for longer, thus helping to reduce the desire to continue eating.

5. Bell Peppers
Paprika is a high source of vitamin C. Various studies have found that consumption of paprika can lower the levels of stress hormones to normal levels. When the stress hormone cortisol in circulation, will be in the body and cause you to experience emotional eating (uncontrolled eating due to stress). Peppers can help lower consumption of cortisol in the body and fight stomach flab. However, no need to worry if you do not like peppers, because there are some sources of vitamin C in food yangpasti are preferred, such as lime, strawberry, and kiwifruit.

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