Sunday, September 2, 2012

Recalling Memories of the Past

Growing up, I would go to my best friend Anna's grandmothers house with her and her family.  I so enjoyed my visits because her grandma made the best food ever!  On one of my visits, her grandma made something called chicken paprikash soup.  The weather was getting colder and it was the perfect thing to have on a chilly, late October day.

I still remember the incredible taste and the delicious smell of the chicken paprikash soup.  Recently, I came across a website that sells chicken paprikash seasoning for soup and sauce.  They also provide you with a chicken paprikash recipe to follow.  I was so excited that I immediately purchased the chicken paprikash seasoning.  I plan on having my friend over next weekend just so I can try to recreate her grandma's chicken paprikash soup. I am hoping that this recipe takes us both back to sitting at her grandma's kitchen table.

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