Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Six Food Antidote to Skin Damage

6 Food Antidote to Skin Damage

Six Food Antidote to Skin Damage I HealthyEven though it is readily available in the market a lot of products that help prevent skin damage due to sun exposure, it's worth You trying to protect yourself from the inside with food consumed. Because, some food was able to improve vitality and protects the skin from damage caused by radiation from the Sun. Here are some of them:

1. Orange
Orange lot containing limonene. (chemical compound extract of citrus peels). Based on research conducted by the Univerity of Arizona against 470 men and women, it is revealed that a chemical compound is able to minimize the risk of skin cancer to 34 percent. There are many skin Limonene. Orange insides and exterior. This compound is able to counteract the unstable molecule compounds due to radiation and damage to the body (free radicals). To get benefits, Orange rind can be processed into cakes or mixed in warm tea seduhan.

2. Green Tea
Green tea is beneficial to the health of the skin thanks to its content of Epigallocatechin gallate antioksidannya called or EGCG. EGCG is a type of common compounds found in tea leaves, banana leaves, and some other plants. This substance only found in green tea, black tea is not on. According to a study from the University of Wisconsin, EGCG is able to stop the genetic damage in human skin caused by exposure to UV rays is superfluous. In addition, these substances are also useful for memghambat skin cancer cell growth.

3. Carrot, Red Pepper

Carrot or various vegetable and fruit-colored red, yellow, and orange contain carotenoids (substances which give a natural red color on the veg and fruit) are known to be capable of reducing the risk of sunburn skin. Deposits of beta karotennya serves as an antioxidant which inhibits the process of premature aging. In addition, these substances are also able to prevent and suppress the growth of cancer cells in the skin.

4. Spinach
Vegetable that has dark green leaves such as spinach, lettuce, and others, turned out to contain a lot of antioxidant substances. Content of antioxidants contained in lutein and zeaxanthin are spinach, capable of inhibiting cell growth, cell growth is stimulated by the destroyer UV light in skin tissue.

5. Salmon
Salmon is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids. Content of omega-3 fatty acids are proven to increase to counter changes the DNA of the skin cells will turn into cancer cells. In addition, the fish oil helps reduce skin problems on fire.

6. Walnut

Same as salmon, walnuts contain many essential fatty acids omega-3 that helps overcome skin sunburn. In addition, walnuts also contain elagik acid and other antioxidants are able to protect from free radicals and cancer cell growth by strengthening the immune system.

Source: Readers Digest

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