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Contained in the Avocado Oil to Prevent Aging

Contained in the Avocado Oil to Prevent Aging

Contained in the Avocado Oil to Prevent Aging I KitchensuperfoodThe findings showed scientists in Mexico, the avocado has the potential to be a natural weapon against the aging process and chronic diseases. Oil contained in fruits are proven to fight harmful free radicals, or molecules which allegedly responsible for causing the aging process, heart disease and cancer.
Said the researchers, who made a special avocado oil content which is specifically able to penetrate into the mitochondria, an important part of the functioning of body cells convert food into energy. Many antioxidants contained in fruits and vegetables such as carrots or tomatoes are also able to block the free radicals - but unable to penetrate into the mitochondria.

The problem is that the antioxidants in the other ingredients do not penetrate into the mitochondria. As a result, free radicals continue to damage the mitochondria, leading to energy production stops and the cells were dying to death. The analogy that during the oil spill (at sea), if we just clean up oil spills rather than repair the perforation, then the oil will continue to be spilled, and the fish will die, said researchers from the University Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo, Mexico, Christian Cortes-Rojo, who presented his findings in the annual conference of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Free radicals are unstable is a natural waste product of metabolic processes that number could rise sharply in the body due to various factors such as air pollution, smoking and radiation. These free radicals can create a catastrophe in the body by triggering a chain reaction that destroys the cell membranes, proteins and even DNA. This phenomenon is one of the main triggers the aging process and is believed to play a major role in destroying the arteries and cancer.

In laboratory studies, researchers found that avocado oil can apparently make yeast cells to survive exposure to high concentrations of iron that is an element that can produce high amounts of free radicals.

Contained in the Avocado Oil to Prevent Aging I Kitchensuperfood"We need to investigate further whether we found in yeast also occur in higher organisms such as humans," said Cortés-Rojo.

Avocado oil has a composition similar to olive oil or olive oil. Oil consumption is also associated with lower previous cases of chronic disease in some Mediterranean countries and the Mr-Rojo Cortes confirmed this finding could lead avocado as 'the olive oil of the America's.

Previous research conducted in Mexico, which is the largest producer of avocado country, showed that the avocado can reduce blood cholesterol levels and some fat associated with diabetes.


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