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Vegetable store that was Fast Wilt

Vegetable store that was Fast Wilt

When intending to cook, we are excited to buy vegetables in large quantities. Apparently, the busy work and the temptation to make a vegetable snack just sitting at the kitchen table or in the refrigerator. In fact, although it has been stored in the refrigerator for several days, will also be wilted vegetables. Storage process was very influential on the shelf life of vegetable itself. How good that vegetables are more durable?
Vegetable store that was Fast Wilt  I  Kitchensuperfood1. Wrap in newspaper
When buying vegetables in the vegetable market or the builders, sellers will usually wrap it in newspaper. Newsprint can help absorb the water that vegetables are not quickly decay. Absorption of newsprint is very good so the vegetables will not leave water spots such as vegetables with plastic wrap. Vegetables with plastic wrap it will make the vegetables are perishable.

2. Wrap in dry state
To remember in store vegetables is to avoid the wet conditions. If it is wet, you should dry it first before vegetables wrapped in newspaper. Wet conditions will accelerate the decay of vegetable.

3. Do not wash
When will store the vegetable, should not have to be washed first. Clean any dirt from the ground or attached to, but not washed with water when it has yet to be cooked. Washing will make the dirt "protector" of vegetables will be lost so that the bacteria from the surrounding conditions such as refrigerators can easily fit into the layer of vegetable skin and damage the cell so that decay. In storage, maybe a little dust or soil on the surface of vegetables can also be beneficial to inhibit the entry of bacteria in vegetables.

Vegetable store that was Fast Wilt  I  Kitchensuperfood4. Do not cut the stems
For some types of vegetables, like carrots, spinach, kale, or corn, the stalks should not be cut first. Cutting the stem close to the vegetable that is used to cause injury to the vegetables, and allow bacteria to get into, and make it faster rotten vegetables.

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