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3 Keywords for Healthy Kitchen

3 Keywords for Healthy Kitchen

3 Keywords for Healthy Kitchen I KitchensuperfoodDuring a present, as part of the dwelling, the kitchen often dianaktirikan. Due to its function as a place to cook, the kitchen tends to be dirty and smelly than other rooms.

This most often happens the landlord to clean the kitchen just improvise. The home owners often assume, because of the high frequency of cooking, once again will leave the dirt and smells musty.
Actually, before you complain because a lot of tired of cleaning and tidying the kitchen, there is a strategy for designing a healthy kitchen and odorless. The key word is lighting, ventilation, and cleanliness.


Yes, lighting is essential to eliminate musty odors in your kitchen. You can play with the room lighting or sunlight. Strive to sunlight can break into the kitchen area. Because the light is very useful to kill the germs causing the smell of dirt.

Presence of sufficient sunlight can also help you save electricity by not turning on lights during the day. If possible, try to create a skylight in the ceiling of the kitchen to help continue the sunlight into the room.

For indoor lighting, try to install the lights are bright. Lights should not be too dim to illuminate any corner of the kitchen.

Air Circulation

Create conditions for the exchange of fresh air. This can occur when there is a window or vent that connects with the open space.

However, if your kitchen does not allow the use of windows or other openings, it's time to use the cooker hood. This tool will suck up the smoke so that the cooking process so much fresh air kitchen.

Avoid using asbestos to ceiling. You should be able to choose another material such as gypsum or wood. The ceiling or ceiling should also be painted with water based paint instead of oil.

Hygiene Problems

Wok or pan used to cook, despite being washed, often still leaves a smell. Problem is, you can try using traditional means. For example, the residue boiled tea or tea leaves in a pan that smells fishy for about half an hour. Cooking equipment you will be free of odor.

Happenings maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen, there's no other way to routinely clean it after cooking. You should also dispose of garbage in the kitchen every day. This is because the waste is stored longer than one day will be a nest of bacterial and fungal growth.

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