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9 Reasons It Must Eating Fish

9 Reasons It Must Eating Fish

9 Reasons It Must Eating Fish I KitchensuperfoodFish, including the "seafood" other, healthier foods that are low in saturated fat, high protein, and is an important source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Additional fish for diet as rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to keep the body healthy. People who frequently eat fish tend to eat less meat and cheese.
Several ways to incorporate healthy fish in your diet can include with roasted, boiled, and steamed. Fish is highly recommended by many health experts as a food with health benefits are complex.

Here are some benefits you can get by eating fish :

1. Cardiovascular Health

Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish has been proven beneficial for the heart, arteries, and veins that make up your cardiovascular system. Consumption of fish may help prevent heart disease and heart failure by preventing the accumulation of triglycerides, reduced levels of excess triglycerides, increase HDL (good cholesterol), and prevents blood clotting. Studies experts from the Harvard School of Public Health concluded that eating two servings of fish a week can reduce the risk of death from heart disease tripled.

2. Lowering blood pressure

Fish oil is very useful for lowering blood pressure, but their role in prevention is unclear. However, mengasup much fish oil is not recommended.

3. Lose weight

According to a study conducted at the University of Georgia, fish oil with DHA to help stop the conversion of pre-fat cells into fat cells, thereby reducing fat accumulation as a whole. Previous research also showed that consumption of fish oil capsules followed by exercise effectively lose more fat than exercising but without the intake of fish oil supplements.

4. Reduce the risk of cancer

Omega 3 in fish has been shown to help prevent three of the most common types of cancer, namely breast cancer, colon, and prostate. Fish oil supplements can also help patients suffering from hyperlipidemia.

5. Improve brain function

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish may help your brain development. Intake of omega-3 right can help improve mental focus in children and adults. A new study shows that fish oil supplements can improve memory in adults. The researchers also discovered the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in fish enhance brain development in infants and children.

6. Against inflammation

Fish, especially oily fish, have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, the fish is effective in reducing inflammation in blood and tissues. Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA, is found in fish oils and have a very positive effect on the inflammatory response that is helpful in relieving arthritis, prostatitis (prostate inflammation), and cystitis (bladder inflammation).

7. Healthy eyes

Consumption of fish is very good because they have the ability to improve vision. Fish may fight macular degeneration (the center of the retina), glaucoma, and dry eye syndrome. A new study has found that people who ate at least two servings of fish per week are less likely related macular degeneration (the leading cause of age-related blindness) than those who ate no fish at all. Researchers say the omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of inflammation and improve blood vessel function.

8. Skin care

9 Reasons It must Eating Fish I KitchensuperfoodConsumption of fish helps keep skin in good condition. According to a study published in the Journal of Lipid Research, omega-3 fatty acids EPA found in fish oil can help prevent wrinkles and delaying the aging process. In fact, according to several recent studies, fish oil supplements can keep the skin from damage caused by sun exposure.

9. Overcoming depression

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil to reduce depression and anxiety. Studies have found that people who eat lots of fish have lower levels of depression.

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