Monday, February 20, 2012


Double Choco Mousse
When inserting a mixture of chocolate, do not stir too strong and often so as not to rupture.


50 ml of liquid milk
3 sheets of gelatine soaked in squeeze
200 grams of white cooking chocolate melted
2 egg yolks beaten with a thick hot water soaked
Double Choco Mousse I Recipes300 grams heavy cream whipped fluffy half chill
3 drops of mint essence
100 grams dark cooking chocolate melted
Chocolate powder 1 tablespoon + 1 tablespoon warm water, dissolve

Processing Method:

Double Choco Mousse I Recipes1. Heat the milk. Enter the gelatin. Stir until dissolved. Enter the white cooking chocolate melted. Stir well.
2. Pour in the beaten egg yolks. Stir well.
3. Enter a little cream into beaten as he shuffled slowly.
4. For two dough. one part add the essences of mint. The remaining solution add the melted chocolate and chocolate. Stir well.
5. Pour batter into a glass of white rather high and tilt. Freeze in freezer.
6. Enter the chocolate batter on top. Freeze.

For 12 cups

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