Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Beef Steak

1. 120 grams of beef (or has the scrubs)
2. 5 grams of black pepper
3. 3 grams of white pepper
4. 3 grams of nutmeg
5. 10 grams of butter
6. 50 cc demiglace sauce
Beef SteakDirections :
How to make Beef Steak recipes (Demiglace Sauce):

1. Beef ribs or veins in roasted broiled or without oil or in the oven, until the bones are dry and brown
2. Enter vegetables such as leeks, carrots, celery, onions and tomatoes and put back into the oven while stirring occasionally
3. After the vegetables wilt, add water to taste and simmer approximately 6 hours, remove and strain.
4. Add a little flour and butter mixture to be condensed

Steak:Beef Steak

1. Take the meat and flatten. Combine the white pepper and salt, sprinkle evenly on both sides
2. Destroy black pepper but not too finely and sprinkle on one side only. Let stand for a moment
3. Heat the pan and let the butter. After quite hot, add meat and occasionally inverted - turning to mature evenly according to taste. 10-15 minutes for medium rare, do not use the fire that is too large
4. Place meat on a platter and pour the sauce demiglace
5. If you prefer, can spread a bit of crushed black pepper

For 1 person

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