Thursday, January 5, 2012


As a parent, who is not sad to see her child is difficult when told to eat? The reason, poor diet and irregular can cause lack of nutrition in need of children, where this condition can affect the growth and development.

children1Poor appetite can be caused many different things, such children are too tired, being active and interested in something of activities, or too excited. It could also, without realizing it due to "mistakes" of our own, that is, before meals, we provide additional food or milk. As a result, the child ate saatjam already full, making it difficult to eat. When children no appetite, we should not upset the child or panic. Take a relaxed attitude while finding out the cause. After learning a contributing factor, we can improve.

For growing appetite at meals create an atmosphere of fun and there is no element of coercion. The atmosphere will be much easier on the invite children to eat. In addition, we can introduce a variety of food to evoke a sense of appetite and so that children do not get bored with the food poko only.

childrenIn addition to creating a sense of atmosphere and introduce variations, if necessary, give your child a multivitamin syrup which is a combination of minerals and iron with fruit flavor preferred by children. The addition of vitamins and minerals in addition to the daily diet is very important, especially in children who fussy eaters. In addition, there are also some vitamins in the food will be damaged at the time of cooking, among others, by excessive heat.

Multivitamins are given to children will help make up the shortfall nutrient intake in children, so that the child's growth can be optimized. In addition, multivitamins helps increase resistance / immunity to disease and to prevent blood deficiency (anemia).

If children like to eat healthy foods coupled with a multivitamin, the growth and progress will be optimal. What a happiness for each parent if they see a child grow healthy and strong.

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